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  • Scott Hagie- Rocklock Hunter

    Mine are working as expected.  

    What are you experiencing? 

  • Brad Lueckhoff

    checking in but rarely sending pictures. When they do send pictures it is typically one picture per check-in.  CS said the SD cards were not acting properly in the Deltas, and that I either needed new SD cards, or I need to try formatting with my laptop.  Unfortunately Im 2000 miles away from the cameras.  SD cards in all of the cameras are new and yes they are the recommended cards.  Stinks, have had a lot of trouble with these deltas.  Meanwhile I still have a few MV2s with A series cameras working perfectly.  

  • Scott Hagie- Rocklock Hunter

    I don't think you'll get much argument that the Deltas had some issues in comparison to the other models. I've owned them all since inception and in my opinion, the Delta was the weakest.  The Base is better and I'm looking forward to the new Edge.  Hopefully it will solve the SD Card issues that folks have had, given it has built in memory.  

    You can reformat the SD card remotely by using the option in the app.  If the camera is checking in, then that should connect and reformat.  


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