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New user on my XA-6000, subscription active but pic's don't get to my app/phone...??



  • Keiton Bahnmiller

    What plan are you using? Do you have enough videos left to be used on your plan?

  • jkgsooner

    My Moultrie account has an AT&T plan @ $117/yr (currently with no results at all). There's no way at all that I'm out of plan capacity, as I've only EVER seen about 3-4 15sec clips on my phone, that's all the thing has ever transmitted in over a year.

    It's apparently not a cell service issue either, as I have green service indicator lights on, should be no problem. I even brought the damn camera here in my office in the house, turned it on and got a few clips of ME setting here at my desk but those were saved on the SD and never did transmit to the app/phone.

    That's why I'm probably going to stop messing with the app and paying more for nothing.

  • Keiton Bahnmiller

    Do you me a favor and look to see if you have videos left. Sounds like you are using the standard plan. That's only 10 videos a month...look and see if you are maxed out. That's 1,000 pictures a month and 10 videos a month. Probably need to wait until the next cycle.

    It should say Video plan usage and then in percent. XX of XX amount of videos used. 



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