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Delta base Horrible Trigger speed And Detection



  • Moultrie Mobile Team

    Hello Will, 

    We can certainly provide support to identify any detection issues you feel may be happening. Please give us a call at 1-844-908-1219, our phone lines are open 7 days a week from 7AM-5PM CST please call 1-844-908-1219.  Or, feel free to try us via the chat option.

    Thanks again,

    Moultrie Mobile Team

  • Alan Wimsatt

    I have to agree. Because it's not an individual camera issue maybe if there is a fix, support, you could talk about it on the open forum instead of taking it private. I have seen videos on YouTube where people complain about this very issue. Even comparing the Delta Bass to other cameras, it doesn't do too well. I have 6 of them BTW.

  • Will Bashaw

    Thanks for the input Alan. I had an older Moultrie camera that was amazing, Someone stole it. I have many other game cams that are not Cellular and they work well also. It’s funny how I can get picture after picture of nothing, either the wind or air temp triggers it, but if I walk in front, nope. Maybe do more testing with the products. Send us something to test, if it works good I’ll buy more, Other hunters would too. I’ve even put an older camera up with my Moultrie, wow…… It didn’t trigger for over 2 weeks, over 300 photos on my other camera.


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