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Unable to reactivate cameras


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  • Moultrie Mobile Team

    Hello Kim,

    We are glad to see that this was taken care of with the help of our support staff. In the future, in order to re-activate your camera(s) you will first need to login to your account from the app or at

    Once you have successfully logged in, please go to the MY ACCOUNT tab > MANAGE DEVICES.  You should see your cancelled/suspended camera(s) listed on this page.  Simply select the relevant camera and then select ACTIVATE or RE-ACTIVATE and then you will be prompted to choose the data plan you wish to use.

    If you do not see your camera listed under MANAGE DEVICES, then you will need to ACTIVATE again just as you did when you first started.  Just go to MY ACCOUNT then tap ACTIVATE DEVICE.  Once here you will need to enter the serial number and modem ID again and then you can select your preferred plan.



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