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EXO Batteries


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  • Moultrie Mobile Team

    Hello AJ,

    Thanks for posting.  Please give our team a call at 1-844-908-1219 and we'll be happy to walk through this with you.  We have looked through the logs on both your cameras regarding battery life and are seeing some unusual readings.  It appears either the batteries you replaced them with recently weren't new, or there was a bad one or two in the batch (which happens more than you'd think), as I am not seeing a recent battery life reading of 100% which should happen whenever they were replaced.

    Additionally, the performance on Lithium vs Alkaline batteries varies a great deal due to their design.  Lithium batteries will remain at or near 100% for the almost the entire life of the battery.  Once they decline, they'll go very quickly.  On the other hand, alkaline batteries will begin gradually declining shortly after installation.  So, we'll just need to walk through this with you over the phone and see exactly when you changed the batteries to pinpoint any anomalies.

    Lastly, anytime you change the batteries you will want to do them all.  We also have a few external power accessories we can discuss with you as well.


    Moultrie Mobile Team


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